Looking back on a blur that was xmas

Ive been back all of four days and my holiday is already starting to fade. After getting back all I have reallly done so far is clean up the mess left my the two covering teachers who between them have managed to lose books and set my classes back considerably .
 Xmas was ace despite having a terrible cold (which meant I couldnt see Anna , again Im so sorry Anna) . Jody like dit as did all I feel . I got a new laptop (which Im using now) , plenty of games and 3 football tops (leeds home and away heh) . I drank often over the holidays but bever really got hammered. We went to the metro centre a lot , went to Edinburgh and went for walks. My mam did wonders despite her ailments and she made an unforgettable xmas dinner. It was so great to see my babe over xmas too , and we have plenty of pics to show .
 To summise I liked coming back despite the silly prices (even greggs has risen dramatically ) . What is wierd is that the prices arent conistant , you can buy a wooly hate of a silk tie for less than the price of a bottle of water????. I did miss the 7-11/the food and Erik , but not to worry we went out the first night back (Caine and chachi )  and indeed we went out again saturday to the combat zone and then to roxy 99 , it was a great night . Im doing well in the fantasy footy league , indeed better than I am at the new champ man I cant win a match .
Il reblog in a day or two , this was just a preliinary entry .
Im thinking of buying a cheap cam myself. bye for now . leeds

~ by richardpmurfin on January 8, 2008.

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