Christmas !!!!

Went out last night ,and as usual I overdid i!!, t but then again thats the precise reason that I dont go out more than once every 3 weeks nowadays ( just long enough to stave off the cravings) . It was initially a work party to wish my co-worker Iman (and some other random) good luck in their new jobs etc, but it transgressed into a Gies adventure. Which as usual turns into a drunken stinkfest at vibe (il smell of vibe for weeks now) .  I dont really regret it though , indeed trying to absorb the xmas atmos is something I often regret after the big day.
   Its now 2 weeks until I see Jody and we go back to England yehah. Recently I bought Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and I like it its a good book , Pulp Fiction books have their fair share of knockers (not literally heh) , but I really enjoy them which for me is the most important thing. Today I woke up at 3pm (sounds late but I wasnt in bed till like 6.30am ) and watched I – robot , listened to Bruce Springsteen (lonesome day as i type) , and a plethora of xmas tunes, soon I wil read my book and indulge in some Dars white chocolate, Im also back into coffee big style , indeed because of the xmas theme on the cups I am back into Starbucks (americana of course) . I have signed up for the works xmas party (REAL turkey dinner YES!) . I have also been invited to a xmas dinner by one of my students which should prove interesting. My mate Beagle is doing a Visa run as we speak , hope it goes well. I have just been rung by my phone company to tell me to pay my bill also grrr. Okay thats all for now byeeee, oh merry xmas !!

~ by richardpmurfin on December 2, 2007.

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  1. I\’m very excited!

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