Its gone from bad to …..good!!

Ive had tendonitis for 3 weeks and it was painful and annoying to say the least . However I can see light at the end of the tunnel ( and my back is  getting better badumpch) .Not only have I been given a small raise, but my hours are higher, my gf has passed her masters and is coming back in three weeks but also its nearly xmas. AND on  top of  that my mate offered to pay me into Carnegies tonight for free …..alas I cannot comply as I am on standby again (damn it) . My mams op is now back on in Jan !!!!, hope she can wait that long. I better go or I face crippling pain . Lastly Jody I am so proud of you baby , you have done brilliant xxxxx.



~ by richardpmurfin on November 29, 2007.

One Response to “Its gone from bad to …..good!!”

  1. thank you baby…so much!!!if it wasnt u, i might fail easily…..laff
    u are the best for me…xxxxxx

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