My mate Beagle comes in 6 days , hence why I abstained from a plethora of interesting offers on what was billed as a great Halloween night. Listening to chicane as we speak , I will go for a Carnegies breaky without a hangover also , eh eh eh eh ooh. Miss Jody and look forward to her coming back ….I wont mention the Visa grr. Im gonna have eggs benedict and refill coffee. I was observed on friday I think i did an adequate job (fingers crossed) Jody is eventually getting better despite a cough. My mam goes in for a serious op in less than two weeks so has already wrapped the presents. I was meant to go to a mates for a party yeserday but I was too darned tired …sorry Jamie. I think thats all for now, oh Im considering watching transformers at the second round cinema. Although I am badly skint I am also considering getting a cheap mp3, annoying when you consider I had a shit hot one from Jody before it was stolen . Ta ta for now , Oh I heard whispas are back in the uk!!

~ by richardpmurfin on October 28, 2007.

One Response to “Life…”

  1. hah was that jamies party with the nicaraguains? wispas are back, i`ll bring over 15 of them when i come back, hope mam gets better. what a class blog. only commented on it since im at work teeheeheeeteee waNNiePlease.

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