Pictures of you , pictures of me …

My hours have been raised in the last week which is good, although  I am faced with a 5 hour straight stint on saturday (booh hoo i hear you cry ) , but it does hurt the old brain to talk continuously for 5 hours then try and raise the enthusiasm for a friends party for example. As indeed its Eriks birthday tomorrow and although it co-incides with the footy Im still gonna head out to sunny Guandu and have a few bevvies , despite the fact that ive been feeling pretty rough recently ( Im like a broken record but I cant take the drink anymore heh) . Been playing a bit of 9 ball pool recently its a great game. Indeed its a great way to kill the wee hours without spending copious amounts (although drinking often goes hand in hand with the sport) . Indeed Wednesday I was out till 6am playing pool , it did give me a chance to have a McDonalds breaky which I havent had in aaages!, man I miss good bagels.
Im also back into online as well as : , both great music mediums (and free) . Hopefully I can stick a few more dollars away for xmas thats IF Jodes gets the bloody visa. Okay thats it for now ……to Anna I do miss you…and Jody love you and hope you arent too stressed…to my mam good luck in my exam and I hope the hospital visit wasnt too painful!!.Oh and cheers Dom for the bottle of Jim Beam , man thats gonna be sweet!.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 12, 2007.

One Response to “Pictures of you , pictures of me …”

  1. thanks baby….i hope i will finish everything soon,too…working on it…AND yes that bloody visa!!!!!!!!!!

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