OZ memories!!

Its nearly a year since I jetted off to sunny Oz , granted I was only there for 4.5 months , but I do get strong substantial memories coming flooding back to me on regular occurence, indeed whenever I hear Bt Binary universe I get strong happy feelings washing all over me. I do regret sometimes not staying there for longer to see my girlfriend and look back at last xmas with fond memories , but she is back in 2 months and we are heading off to the sunny uk together, at this stage I want to leave pics but Msn doesn’t let me anymore for some reason , IF I am able to do so then disregard this comment heh. This weekend I went out reluctantly (I am getting old) to Roxy 99 and 9 % , it was a good night tho . As of this moment I am chilling to BT and preparing for work in an hour or so . Oh yes we have a new flatmate , she seems okay so far. I had 2 days off this weekend for the first time in ages , my wages however this month I anticipate will be pitiful , saving is practically impossible , I am doing okay tho id say . All the problems regarding my last entry have been put behind me now and I wont think about it anymore, enough said.Thats all for now. Oh and I hope mam gets better soon ..and the dog.

Ps Im also into A-HA big style …again.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “OZ memories!!”

  1. Mam?  Dog?  Think it\’s about time you emailed me, young man.  I have something annoying to air to you…

  2. heh?SUNNY UK??where the hell is that??laffff

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