Coolin off

Drank too much on the weekend so I will take it easy for a week or so , although it was a good night (despite foolishly starting at 3pm ) . Erik came back from Canada and my friend Amy visited from Taoyen (her first visit to Taipei) . I am now listening to Accuradio – ahh another blast from the past and will go to work in around an hour. Gareth is in Manilla as we speak on a visa run of sorts . I got paid yesterday but didnt get he second part of my flight trip ( i need to find out when to get that as saving for england is gonna be tight) . Jody is on the verge of finishing one of her projects and seems to be working hard !, I miss her alot at the moment. Lately at night I have been into watching tv links on the computer and have quecnched my thirst for old sci fi by watching Dr who and some next gen (still great after all these years) . Work is going okay but my boss from one my schools was released the other day and it was very sad!. This is just an entry designed to give a quick update , erm so there we have it , anything else of note hmm – Ahh yeah the weather is getting bearable in fact it almost enjoyable at times yipee, bring on xmas !!.

~ by richardpmurfin on September 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Coolin off”

  1. I still read you.  The feeling of missing having you around, friend, never wanes.
    Glad to hear your mam is able to avoid the op.  Even though I\’ve still never met your mam (altho I did once or twice speak to her) I have a connection in some fashion, if you will,  because you\’ve told me so much about her.

  2. miss you also you rambling sentimental old fool .

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