Standby days

Its my day off yet I am up at silly o’clock for my standby call in ( basically doing someone elses job for one day a month IF they are sick) , luckily they are not so I may have to nap for a bit as I have had but three and half hours sleep. Me and Gareth are meant to be going to Beitou today but that will depend on whether he is up in time. If not I may spend some time in another  nice area such as CKS or maybe Tai power and get some lunch coffee etc , perhaps read a book.
  One of my friends from England Amy arrived on Tuesday but i have heard little from her (not her fault I imagine the first few days are hard and knowing tw its probably straight to work ) . And unfortunately she lives in Taouyen!.  I have somewhat neglected my blog in recent times over a facebook fad (which im sure will end as quick as it started) , but it seems half the world is into it so what the hell. Jody is moving along nicely in her studies and I will be seeing her in under 4 months yehah!. Soppy yes , but sometimes I miss her badly (especially on days when Im hung over and feeling extremely sorry for myself heh) . Im considering taking it easy this weekend and just chilling out . I have a Shane bag now from work which I bear proudly upon my right shoulder as i stroll through the obscene heat to work (its getting a little better, the weather that is) .
  Last night after work I had tepenyaki , a huge portion ( ooh er) for just 100nt in the Dinxy area , once again Taipei is so cheap to eat out even after two years it shocks me . In around 22 days I will celebrate being here two years and given my blog was started around xmas its been a couple of years (roughly)  since I started this Blogy thing , some great times have ensued whether they be in Oz or Tw , one consistant factor has been my gf and my brother , I am sooo glad of both their company and they have been invaluable and a neccessity in enjoying the last two years of Taiwan/Oz. Thats all for now , there may be some pics also .

~ by richardpmurfin on August 30, 2007.

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