Typhoon tommorow (apparently ), so I went all the way to Longshan temple for no reason, although I still havent never seen  any evidence of typhoon "simba" , we had a little rain today but thats all. I got a few random calls to abuse my new found day off via a few beers , but i feel a little rough after drinking some heinee last night and Im stuffed on subway also. Gonna watch the bourne identity 3 tommorow i think , I doubt its like the highly political 3rd chapter of the trilogy (the book version i refer too )  . The movies are great but boy the books, are sublime , make me wanna creep around old car parks and snipe people off. Thats it for now, Im gonna listen to BT and say goodbye to my baby on MSN, she looks as foxy as ever, her webcam works mine however doesnt as i lost the software, I’l get it soon tho!!!

~ by richardpmurfin on August 17, 2007.

One Response to “Typhoon”

  1. We bought a web-cam….but it doesn\’t work.  Booo.

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