Hey…….Its me!

Battered on the weekend absolutely wasted  I was having a great night at the bars watching newcastle and liverpool win (first game of season)  but went to far and ended up in vibe again , spent a fortune and wasted sunday . Indeed its taken me until tuesday (today) to recover . I was having a great saturday till that happened , I went o Shan kai shek memorial hall and read memoirs of a geisha in Ikari Coffee (not all of the book of course , and I wasnt IN Ikari coffee but the actual Ikari Coffee shop) . Sunday was a write off, tried to go out and eat Jap Barbecue but I was so wasted I wasted all my cash on a few sickly mouthfuls. I should learn by now the follies of drinking. This month I will attempt to save 15k nt for my xmas trip.
  Right now I can smell my flatmates italian cuisine simmering away which he is making to impress his gf (smells okay actually ) . I am listening to Chicane summersault , its really good I dont care what people say , some banging tracks. Work was okay today and I have ONE final long day before its back to normal hours tommorow. My Dad has bought an obscene amount of alcohol for xmas, not that im complaining. Related pics ensue :

~ by richardpmurfin on August 14, 2007.

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