My birthday

Il keep this short and sweet . Its my birthday today , a little sureal to be thirty and have no one to celebrate with , could have gone out last night but I realised saturday will be that much more exciting if I hold out on the drinking side. I havent been on the net for like 6 days for various reasons so its been annoying, did recieve lots of messages on facebook wishing me happy birthday etc, which Im glad off. Today was a scorcher and as we speak I feel light headed after stumbling round Tai Power (nice area on the green line) in the heat . I ate at a cool burger/second hand book store which I now frequent alot, indeed I was there the other day , and proceeded to buy memoirs of a geishamuch to the amusement of Erik , but hey he bought a vegi burger , then again as did I today , although I think the falafal is better there. I finished my trek in the heat buy purchasing 2 donuts from Mr Donut – Double choc and custard (not together – respectively) . Currently Im reading "The empty chair " by Jeffrey Deaver , picked it up cheap (around 90nt – 1.50 ) , its kindof a sequel to the bone collector ( or at least one of them ) . Im listenening to the ataris at the moment, god i miss my cd colection . I think my fave artist Chicane has a new one out , but im a little outta touch . Although I havent done anything remarkable today, Im just happy to get a message or two from Anna and be able to talk to Jodes on Msn for a few minutes. I want to go out for lunch tonight but I dont think its gonna happen :v( . Anyway thats it for now , oh and empires my chicane is on now( 2 years on and this album gets even better)  , I will leave some relevant pics below :

~ by richardpmurfin on July 26, 2007.

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