Friday – Just another east side story …

Listening to Empires by Chicane, now I will go to work in an hour , I have signed a contract with a new house so I can leave this well located but highly impractical house behind. I loved living in Fuxing but having a shop in the living room isnt ideal . My new abode is in Guting, its a walk to the MRT but is fairly central. Monday and Wednesdays due to summer school are incredibly long days (12 hours eek ) , but I need to save for Xmas so me and Jodes can have a great time in England. Also I need to raise the hours in my hour bank into the pluses so I can get a bonus, the school tried to shaft me on my fligth deposit twice – First losing my reciept then claiming then didnt get he replacement fax, hopefully it is sorted now , indeed its a lot of cash and its the reason I joined Shane .
  I have a new low level class in my Banciao school so I have to start earlier (5pm ) yeah i know not early , but i leave here at 2.30 so I still put a good stint in at the office ( I always plan 2 hours in advance) . Today is the first day I have the full schedule so I can begin to get some order in the class and work out what is what (even tho its officially lesson 3 grr) . Im gonna start setting aside some cash from now on into my other bank account and hope to god I have enough for xmas. I think I mentioned this last time but I am looking forward to it so much. Primarily because I want to see Jody.
 Recently I have eaten a lot of Granola bars ( I mentioned them last year if you want to scroll back) . On saturday I may coincide going for a few drinks with mates with bringing another pile of stuff over to my new house, for a short time I will have two houses, they better give me my deposit back for this house or I will be as angry as hell , I paid 28.500 when i moved in (two months and one months rent) so in theory Im owed 19 k.
 To my mam good luck in hospital xxx. 

~ by richardpmurfin on July 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Friday – Just another east side story …”

  1. I feel sad.

  2. …… meant Pauline is in hospital????? what happend???
    You must work more hours when your school give more and you can save $  for your Xmas.  😉

  3. i hope you will get your bonus baby, you have worked so much harder than before………….
    you deserve a nice holiday……xxx

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