Its Sunday and I went out to Roxy 99 last night for a mates party , tunred out to be a really good gathering of people tho , good laugh , I got wasted too quickly after drinking a) to tequila and b) Becks beer by the pitcher in a bar called 45 in Guting. Yesterday I had a half day at work and ate  Sushi , in  place called Sushi express , basically the food comes along a conveyer belt and you choose what you want and youpay by the amount of plates you have used, im tempted to get some again today , hmm decisions decisions.
 Im currently listening to accuradio – oh a hark back to the old days " sister hazel – all for you", I am gonna finish shaving , have a shower and go and get my bag from gazs then maybe find a coffee shop and mark some papers for the kids. Thats all for now byee

~ by richardpmurfin on June 24, 2007.

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