Gonna chill …now

I may have sorted my computer (well Gareth may have after 2 days of hard slog). Jody has finished her last assignment and now i potentially have my computer back I am gonna spend more time at home NOT spending too much on 7-11 beers but relaxing and chilling. This is a radom entry and for that I apologise.
I will now plug gareths new website and forum shamelessly :
This is also a great site for chilling out :
Some great tracks on here.
Ps – Enjoy Sydney baby. xxx

~ by richardpmurfin on June 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Gonna chill …now”

  1. Hey, I thought you\’d fallen off the face of the earth!  It\’s 6.20am here and I cannot sleep.  Thought you might be online, but alas.  Last day of school holiday and I have to be bloody awake from 5.  Ideally, the last day of a holiday should be a lie in til at least 9 or 10.  Totally ridiculous. 
    Am going down to the RSPCA to dog walk later…

  2. I had no comp for 3 weeks pet !

  3. spoilt brat

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