Tw is great ….except for ..

Been after a phone for 2 weeks , im missing nights out , being able to see my new mates etc. And all because TW is scared to death of foreigners , like we are going to get a cheap crappy little 2 pound a month package ( less than a pint) and leave the country . They wont sit by me on the MRT and look at me like im gonna rape their children , England  is expensive yes, but we arent a bunch of racist idiots and we certainly dont mind people getting a sim card, indeed the random bosnian guys that wander the streets of Nottingham all have bloody mobile phones. Sorry but sometimes as much as i love Taiwan i cant believe how outdated they are!. I may even reconsider buyign a ps3 here because if it breaks after 10 days i hav to send back to the manufacturer and wait a month AND i get he same one back and have to hope it works!. Rant over!.

~ by richardpmurfin on April 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Tw is great ….except for ..”

  1. maybe people on mrt think you are too handsome and they are tooo shy to sit next to you??haha…
    sim card thing is stupid yes…they weren\’t that strict before….i guess there are many probelms for them making it too easy to get a number??
    Idont know…before, you could just buy a sim card in 7-11…it was  that quick!dont worry baby, you will get one soon…
    there\’re alwyas so many things to settle in the first month…everything will be fine….um

  2. Poor devil.  But at least you haven\’t been shafted for a £35-a-month contract.  Grr.  Wave my fist angrily.

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