Am I too self involved???

Im crap I really am , I sit and worry about rubbish little things that most people wouldnt  even think’d be worth considering. I got a little spot above the right side of my top  lip and given it is infected and a little sore it has made my lip swell a bit , then clever old me picked at it prodded it and made the lip resemble a pink air balloon strapped to my face. My point is DONT feel sorry for me ( "we aren’t anyway" I can imagine everyone thinking) , I am a ridiculous hypochondriac who is about as shallow as they come, my only concern is I dont want to look like a glue sniffer when i turn up on monday for work ( next monday ) . Anyway enough of the self pitying tripe, there are people with REAL worries and concerns in this world.
  Today me and Jody visited the museum in Brisbane , it was okay spose , but the air conditioning was the greatest attraction in there give it was 38 degrees today ( i kid you not) . Got back and Jody made a superb double header of fried noodles and curry!. Watched school of rock ( admittedly I was v distracted given my latest life threatening illness – see above) , but I like it , saw it at the pics actually , man I miss my cinema card!. I have used the computer FAAAR too much recently , but given I had to look for jobs and now appartments I suppose I have too , the downside is my glasses are now more than an accessory I have to wear them if I intend to use the comp for more than 1o mins , which is all the time, and after my vision seems worse when i watch tv so I leave them on ……..Sorry im being weak again .
 This message goes to Adrian Jones , thanks man , you are the only person the actually reads my Blog regularly now id say , Anna is getting slack now she has her real life ;v) (before you say anything I know you still leave the most messages , albeit most of them too correct  my spelling) . I am currently looking for flats in Taipei via my friend Flora , I think I may have mentioned I will look in the ximen area now primarily , which is a good student area and not too far from all the amenities and indeed the school. Im outa Cougar bourbon so I am forced to drink dilute lemon juice , they dont have dilute in Taiwan so I should drink while I have the chance spose.
  I picked up the Chancellor manuscript by Robert Ludlum for the flight back for 3$ sweet , better be good. Man my lips so big I cant even try and smile!!, soon it wil have its own postcode!

~ by richardpmurfin on March 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Am I too self involved???”

  1. Tsk, oh ye of little faith (and large lip).
    Where in the world are you now?

  2. Hope you are okay and soon to see you in Taiwan,yes we are missing you dear friend and welcome back.
    BTW.Jody, I will watch him don\’t be worry and you forget to give me your address the last time we told……huh…

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