Job applications – Returning on the 18th

I have sent a plethora of applications into the Taipei school void, most are wasted given most jobs are ASAP , but that said getting my name bandied about cannot be a bad thing. I have also looked into some of the bigger school (HESS being one of them ) , I wasnt originally going to work for a big school but  one of the key things I should look for in a job is a vacation period, last year I had only one day off in the whole year (boo hoo i hear you cry) , granted I worked only 20 hours a week , but not seeing my family is a considerable negative when they live across the world and I need at least 2 weeeks given it takes a good 2 days to travel. Being with a bigger school also ensures a safer working environment and perhaps even a rise at the end of the year – yeah !!. A complete curriculum can  kill the chance of any autonomy which I must admit I kinda liked ( to a certain extent) , but in my last school shall we say the level of autonomy ran into overkill " teacher here is a piece of string and a hula hoop now create a fun game and include all of the school and that means EVERY kid ranging from a 2 year old who cant comprehend how to utlise their bowels in the correct manner , right through to the school nutcase wo wont stop running , punching and screaming!!, and do it quickly   and if you dont we will be angry at your incompetence", granted she only said the first few words , but the latter was true even if it was never voiced ;v) . Having a curriculum set out for me may make things alot easier. I  think after being the laziest slob around for 3 months I find myself needing a purpose. I have decided to live in the guting area (the green line on the little map)  of Taipei at least that is my original plan , I want to live in a student area and because of this it will be considerably cheaper, some shared accomodations can be as cheap as 6ooont$  and range up to maybe 9-10,000nt$, compared to my last flat which was 15,ooo that a pretty good saving,it also gives me a chance to save a little each month and go for a drink or two on the weekends. Living in a student area will give me a chance to meet mates also , the last area I lived in was ultra exclusive really( i wasnt being poncy , we didnt know what was pricey and what wasnt, even then it was cheap compared to england) .
  If i can live close to my work it will save me the hassle of having to take more than one MRT connections ( I hate transferring) , and avoid the buses – jeez the buses what a mess . I watched Newcastle get beat off Wigan on the weekend , real treat that was. Jody will come back on Friday , in time for her birthday and a belated Valentines day, I miss her and will miss her even more when I go back :v( .

~ by richardpmurfin on February 27, 2007.

One Response to “Job applications – Returning on the 18th”

  1. \’a lot\’, not \’alot\’ !!!!
    Miss you.

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