Poo Poo faced

Going out tonight in Brisbane town centre ( hence the pic) , I have purchased a six pack of heineken and will seek to administer them into my bloodstream later with a few friends , the occasion ??, someones finished something, or something like that!!. Its hot by the way , intensely hot , I was relucatnt to admit it was hotter than Taiwan now its neck and neck , drier though , not that that helps, indeed I hate people that say "its a different type of heat" what a sack of crap , if its hot its hot , there is no two ways about it. Played Halo 2 with a few mates last nigth , I kicked ass royally , If only Joe was here to offer some real competition.
  Easter is on its way and too celebrate we bought some choc chip hot cross buns ( very traditional) . Okay Im off to watch Futerama and have a light lunch ( you know me nothing heavy before shifting a few pints – or in this country crappy little thimbles full of beer) , ozzy beer is okay not bad but is still lacking behind euro beer, alas euro beer is priced out of the market ( a deliberate ploy methinks to keep people buying oz beer) . A fight between the best beer I have drank here – Tooheys new and the old classic Heineken is still a futile battle…. Heinee is the best .

~ by richardpmurfin on January 31, 2007.

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