Ant Attack !

Downloaded a spectrum emulator , I love it of course many of the games I loved and cherished and viewed as the most accomplished adventures and simulations every invented turn out now to big piles of old cack , however some still stand the test of time , Starquake is still awsome, Ant attack still posseses and eery quality to it, not to mention scuba dive , there are others Im yet to re-aquaint myself with….so many fun filled hours of reminissing (cant spell). Also the spectrum has a whole host of really crap games which Im sure I will re-discover , given that some were crap in 1985 Im now sure I can find a whole new level of crapness.
 The Pale Saint has gradually become a more exciting book and I am now moving to a new coffee brand – Moccona (its a branch of douwe egberts for ozzies). I also watch the Bill intently every day , I wouldnt give it the time of day in England but now Im addicted. We are off to the pictures now to watch the Holiday, its a nice day for it, what a due Jude Law is . Relevant pictures follow :


Nb – I also called into BWS for a 6 pack of Heineken (bottle only they don’t do cans in OZ ) hao ha (good drink chinese ) .

Nbb – Picked up Silence of the Lambs AND Red Dragon in Chinatown for only 7.95$ , Im gonna give Thomas Harris a try see what the fuss is all about , I like chinatown but going there kinda makes me miss Taiwan too much (I’l go back soon enough I know) , whilst there I drank the classic oolong tea (made in Tainan – sob ive been there its where Ivy lives heh) and some Ice Coffee from Taiwan  – Australia take note ICE COFFEE with 27 % coffee extract NOT 5 not .5 and certainly NOT : CONTAINS COFFEE COLOuRING ONLY !!!.


~ by richardpmurfin on January 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Ant Attack !”

  1. got piles of your books here in the wilderness

  2. ant attack is class, make me a replay!

  3. Try: Manic Miner, Turnmoil and Crazy Caverns!  All stupid bollocks, but such classics!  How can I get one of these beauteous devices you speak of, oh lazy-ass-king?

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