Another entry?

You can tell when I have nothing exciting to do ( I would say bored but im not, I
love bumming around with nowt to do , postponing the job hunt that little bit
longer;v) ) . Firstly I have been bothering  people on MSN for no reason whats so
ever , only the people in Taiwan of course all the English people are happily in
bed, I will leave an inocuous emoticon on the screen in order to chivy them into
responding. Secondly as it is plain to see I leave far more Blog entries in one week
than I have done in the previous month. And lastly I drink copious amounts of coffee
. Today as well as coffee I have had many rounds of toast and marmalade, some
Vita-Weeties and some water melon. I have been reading the Pale Saint and am
currently listening to Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, oh yes and I had a shave
whilst listening to an old Chemical brothers album : Dig your own Hole.
 Ive been wearing the same pair of shorts for days and they smell a little bit
of old sweat, of course when I go out I change into trousers or other shorts , but
these are the pants I wear in the house (house pants) and invariable sleep and bum
around in them , AND given I spend most of my time in the house its no wonder they
are starting to get oderous (is that a word).
 My scrabble bout is over firstly I used up my free credit , secondly I was kinda
burnt out on it anyway. I attempted to look for an online monopoly , but they are
all payment related now!!.

~ by richardpmurfin on January 10, 2007.

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