New day – New book

After reading the Devil and Miss Prym (its a girly book but it was a present) I am now going to start the Bone collector , rarely do i talk about books on my blog so much but it is a sign that there isnt that much happening in my life at the moment (not a bad thing neccessarily just a sign that my life has slowed to an amble) . I am thinking about going to the brisbane races, racing here is meant to be pretty high standard. Lastly and unfortunately I will have to look for a job soon :v( . Hmm thats it for now…

~ by richardpmurfin on December 14, 2006.

2 Responses to “New day – New book”

  1. gots loads of books her for u going on ebay soon

  2. For me ??, am i getting the profits like ? ;v) . Im gutted id do anything for some of them books now!

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