Damien Leith

Right lets get this clear , Im not the kina guy that watches pop idol , in fact I detest all that sh*t , but i was forced due to circumstances to watch Australian idol, I know all these shows are deemed in many eyes  cack/manufactured/false and all the other rhetoric people use for them. But they have eventually hit upon on a real gold nugget. Damien Leith is the first singer in perhaps a decade that has got me genuinly anxious for his album to arrive. This guy is the most talented and (despite many critics) charismatic singer I have seen in a long time, granted he isnt that great looking but he has (sounds cliched) so much more to offer , not only did he nail Nesun Dorma , a song which i cant think that any of the mainstream singers could manage, but also he has just released a song "the night of my life" (which was the song he was given by Australian idol ) which is superlative . That song alone will win him worldwide acclaim. I am eager to try and get all of my circle of friends to listen and indeed download his music. I know Tom will be keen for starters.
Here is the website :
It has a sample and the download website too!.

~ by richardpmurfin on November 27, 2006.

One Response to “Damien Leith”

  1. Next you\’ll be saying you have his poster above your bed!
    I\’ll have a listen……..

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