Im getting tired of this sh*t

Wow hold your horses, I thought i was better, went to the night market with my mam and it felt like the right side of my head was spinning round, I was nearly sick and almost fainted, I literally thought it was all over!!. Stumbled home and went to bed. I will see how I feel today. I am sick of feeling like shit, like I have had a part of my personality sucked out and my brain is being constantly confused.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 28, 2006.

4 Responses to “Im getting tired of this sh*t”

  1. I worry about thee, dearest buddy.  See a doctor in Oz.

  2. Getting tired????  Vitamins works..??..Drink more Water..a lots of water!!!!

  3. i think it\’s to do with the amount of booze your drinking. take a month off and see how you feel. the chemicals in the booze is bound to affect you. especially the amount you drink. drinking green tea and plenty of water, fresh fruit etc will also help flush out those toxins. also, eating processed foods will f*ck you up. so keep off that as well as fizzy drinks. full of shite!
    ian rush

  4. I dont drink that much at all to be honest, I appreciate the advice though I will heed it, but I literally only go out once a week now!!.

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