More of the same

I still have some sort of virus! I feel crap in the mornings wierd in the day and exhausted at night It wouldnt be so bad but my mam is here and probably wonders why I am a lethargic unenthused mess who can barely be arsed to repond to the simplest questions. Other than that I am fine everyone. Im taking more vitamins and less caffiene etc, maybe that will spurt me into life. If I am honest I am felt pretty ropey for a while. Things can only get better…..surely?? ;v) .


~ by richardpmurfin on October 26, 2006.

4 Responses to “More of the same”

  1. Well at least your "U" button looks as though it is working again!!  Hope you feel better Rich 😉

  2. Also, your mam will look after you now.  Did she bring you some Lucozade and a Crunchie?

    Get some exercise you lazy jordie bastard! lol
    P.s. Get well soon

  4. no still knacked i have to cut and paste from another source unfortunately grrr, my u is still buggered, thanks 4 the concern all xxx

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