Moon Festival

I have five days off ‘Moon Festival’, yehah, they arent paid holidays but god i need them. My school are continuiing to f*** up my VISA a-la last year , if they mess it up again I will not be a happy bunny (oh god thats the kind of thing Tom would write ;v) ). I may or may not get wasted watching the England match on Saturday (vs Macedonia) unless its on silly o clock …hmm timezones. Earlier I had Coffee/Tea a kindof hybrid drink (only in Taiwan) , very nice.
Ps – Do you thinkI have enough bracketed comments? (leave answers and possibly bracketed sub comments below)
Pps – The guy that created the Moon Festival was some kind of Archer that lived on the world when there was 10 suns , he then proceeded to shoot down 9 of them to cool us off. Erm couple of questions …..1) the bow and arrow was invented in a time when people wrote historical documents , I could be wrong but i dont think ANY of them mentioned 10 suns? 2. Surely 10 suns would have effected the evolution of life etc?. 3) He is some bloody archer!!!.

~ by richardpmurfin on October 5, 2006.

2 Responses to “Moon Festival”

  1. Ah…you should know one more story that float up to the moon and swallowed the pill of immortality……;)

  2. 4) who the smegging jeezus is holly????

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