Little note

Taiwanese people in general have no tact , at least thats what me and my close friends have realised. Also in this country people can be blatantly rude and we are expected to put up with it, in the same way old people are forgiven for being old in england ‘shes old its her way’.
Random Gripe over.

~ by richardpmurfin on September 28, 2006.

8 Responses to “Little note”

  1. i\’m interested; do tell all some time…

  2. Im old
    but its ok its my way
    auld pops

  3. Anna i could sit and talk for hours on this subject , gather round and i will tell you a tale.

  4. What  happened? 
    Haven\’t chatted for a long time.
     Maybe we can talk about this subject next time.

  5. what happened?
    Maybe we can talk about this subject next time.

  6. Tell us all about it Murf, there\’s nothing quite like a good old British moan

  7. HAHAHA………….WELL,
    maybe you are toooooo polite…which is good though…
    Pascale thinks old white people here are rude anyway…
    dont generalize it!!!you always say "taiwanese people"!!!not all of them are like that

  8. Okay baby , just most of them ;V)  . Kidding in general they are placid and dont want confrontation , they simply have no tact thats all!!

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