Lied in or is that lew in ;v) . anyway I lew in due to going to bed at 5am not really sure why I did it I wasnt drinking. Watched Star Treck listened to some BBC radio, ate cookies – sorry Biscuits grr Ive been in Taiwan too long heh , bag of Doritos and drank Super Supau (energy drink of the same Ilk as Pocari Sweat). I will meet Erik soon and go to the 101 to buy Alpen , eh eh eh . Tonight we are going to 9% for an all you can eat/drinking session oh mammy!.

~ by richardpmurfin on September 23, 2006.

5 Responses to “Sweet”

  1. all you can drink and eat….sounds awesome!!i want to go when i get back!!!eh eh eh
    Hope you had a fun night….think u are still sleeping now…

  2. You drink far too much caffeine.

  3. laid in

  4. I know i know, it was related to a joke i had with anna ;v)  .

  5. A very amusing joke, I must add.

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