Sunday bloody sunday

Sunday and i am just about to go out, thought id leave an entry here briefly though, yesterday was a good day although it was a fairly lazy one , had Napoli pizza talked with Erik and Gaz had a few cans of beer and enjoyed the England match (we hammered Andorra, which was to be expected i spose) . The flat is a mess and I shoudl really tidy it up :v( . Thats about it really , my posts are becoming smaller and more infrequent but hey not that much to type at the moment really !!!. Oh yes Jody went out till 5 am least night !! , a hark back to the Taiwan days but a hell of a lot cheaper in Oz yipee!.

~ by richardpmurfin on September 3, 2006.

2 Responses to “Sunday bloody sunday”

  1. I miss those nottingham days too, they were good times. But remember there is always a place for you to stay in Nottingham my friend!

  2. Nice man thanks , that means alot to me :o) .

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