Sunday now watching Alfie (what a great movie). Friday night had a few cans and felt worse than I thought I would so last night I didnt go to the brass Monkey for the cheap beer in the end, but I wasnt THAT bothered in the end, I had a Jim Beam or 2 and chilled out playing Quake  with Gaz  (crazy eh) . In the afternoon I just hungout with Gareth, Flora and Peggy while they tried desperately in vain to fix this piece of crap computer , but it was a complete success though -yehah. Today I will eat crap and just bum , I may go for a run later though )depends on how I feel of course) . Enough of this random dribble for now….., oh and Jody got smashed last night ;v) .

~ by richardpmurfin on August 13, 2006.

4 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Glad that gaz fixed your computer…..YIPEEEE….or both of us will suffer a lot!!!!
    you should give gaz a hug or a kiss… eh eh

  2. used to kiss gaz every morning and of course apply taperline

  3. Tom is a light weight for leaving our party early.

  4. he is indeed and a poor speller ;v)

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