I should be saving but I have an urge to go out!!. Tommorow there is a free bar at the Brass monkey so If I have any sense I will wait for that, but I am really into Citizen Caine and roxy at the moment, no its decided I will save my cash. To be fair I dont spend THAT much anymore because my tolerance for alcohol runs parallel with a small babies . For those of you who didnt know I now have the VISA so I will see my baby soon YEAH !!, god I love her soooo much (in case you didnt know that also ;v) ) . It will just be me and gaz this weekend I think Erik has a going away party or something. This is a random entry if ever i have seen one. Also I am gonna start tutoring my friend Flora I think on  a saturday so maybe friday nights and saturday morns should be my chillout period where I get the rest I yearn for all week (I do work hard after all). Listening to Curiosity Killed the cat now – its class!, as well as watching some lame crap on TV and chatting to Jody also.
  Thats all for now I may add more later, work was easy today , just two hours , I am kinda thirsty and a little hungry , hmm where to go for din dins?.

~ by richardpmurfin on August 11, 2006.

2 Responses to “FRIDAY FRIDAY”

  1. haha….so cute….."din dins"… it dinner…?

  2. din dins – yes dinner – I wike my din dins

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