Long and boring day after work , I finish at 11am (officially but i did stand around alot to try and get pain what I deserve) . We went to the Taipei story house which would have been good if I was Chinese grr, never mind. I then came back and chatted to Jody for a few minutes , she is working so hard the last few days bless her, she may have got wasted everyday for 3-4 weeks but now she is making up for it by literally working from 9 or 1o this morning till 10 tonight!. I am proud of you babe. I watched a bit of SWAT but once you have seen it then it kinda grates. Im pretty hungry at the moment but cant really afford to eat given how crap my wages are at the moment, dont get me wrong I am not on the poverty line by any means but I cannot save at all ( I know I hear you thinking WOW break out the violins – so what) , but I have to reach a certain monetary goal in order for things to proceed, with the next step of my life!. I may go running later , and Gareth owes me around 3,000 NT so that should cover my food for a bit, oh and my tutee cancelled tonight grrr (did I mention that yesterday) .
 Now I am listening to a chill out cd drinking water and I am going to eat a banana.

~ by richardpmurfin on August 8, 2006.

3 Responses to “PAY DAY”

  1. banana\’s are good, i always feel better after a banana. I feel even better after a lion bar and a can of pop

  2. bananas give long lasting prosperity and peelings that can affect life itself.

  3. Since when did the plural of \’banana\’ need an apostrophe?!!!!!  God damn you!

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