A changeable week / First birthday in Taiwan /

Weekly recap

I havent written In a bit because i was pissed off for various reasons so I will give a quick recap of the week –

Monday – It was an angry day at work, I had a lot on my mind and I guess things just kinda got to me. Went out that night.

Tuesday – Better day completely. Tutoring was cancelled so I decided to chill out with Erik for a bit and then decided to go for a run!!, man its invigorating , I should have strarted again sooner it felt amazing/uplifting/exciting and lots of other words that end in ing.

Wednesday – My birthday : Could have easily been shit , but in fact it was good , got a cake from school and later me and Erik went out for a curry and a few beers in Roxy!, man what a place what a great night. We wanted a couple of nice hotdogs to end the night but alas the guy was too slow ;v) .

Thursday – Easy day at work , very chilled, then watched last Samurai and cried like a baby. Went for another run later on man it felt good!.

Friday!! – I am celebrating my birthday tommorow so I will have more to write then. May go out later??.


~ by richardpmurfin on July 28, 2006.

4 Responses to “A changeable week / First birthday in Taiwan /”

  1. When you are feeling down , just remember how cool and handsome you are.

  2. Wow you are right ;v) . Who are you Anna?/Jody ?

  3. Your ex, I believe.

  4. when u are feeling down just think of how handsome your dad is…….

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