Mixed Emotions – Sari is Gone

My cat of 18 years was sadly put to sleep yesterday thought I would mention that first as it is quite significant and in a way the end of an era ( I have known her since I was 10) .

That said bizzarely I feel quite good today I am watching a marathon of movies without the volume!, starting with Roxanne and now Practical magic. I am also listening to an eclectic mix of dance tunes and currently in my opinion THE best dance record ever made is playing, I am a massive BT fan and an even bigger Chicane fan but Greece 2000 3 drives ( a one hit wonder from no where) is the most euphoric and uplifting song ever. I never get bored of any Chicane stuff also (offshore is on now) uplifting and chilled!, its almost a contradiction.

Work is okay at the moment despite being rather hectic due to the graduation of the oldest class. I am currently drinking Wincafe x2. On another good note Gareth is getting alot of work at the moment in England so when he returns he should be rolling in it!!!!! (money that is) .


~ by richardpmurfin on July 11, 2006.

One Response to “Mixed Emotions – Sari is Gone”

  1. Sounds very good; although obviously, I\’m sorry to hear about your cat…
    Greece 2000!  Wow!  I just bought Armand Van Helden\’s \’Nympho\’ CD.  It\’s very exciting.
    Please ask your brother to kindly donate some money to the Poor Anna Foundation.

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