Friday – Weekend is here , I was gonna to to Eriks for the weekend but he has other plans (the swine!!, kidding). So I will just bum around the flar I reckon , If I had considered going out I couldnt as work is making me do ONE hour in the morning (have they never heard of lie ins grrr). Ivy has just been round and is convinced that I am depressed!, I am fine dont worry everyone , the heat is taking it out of me and is zapping my enthusiasm and energy thats all. Sorely tempted to watch the football tomorow even though it is on at silly o clock. Tonight I may just resign myself to watchign an inaequate movie on HBO or something!!. Work was actually okay today but it is heating up due to it being graduation time!. I may also have my can of Busch lager (its sitting in the fridge chilling). So I must stress I am fine, I am missing Jody of course but between work and the heat I am glad just to sit on the chair and chillout, indeed it isnt a cry for help (this message is for Ivy) , listening to Lene Marlin and reading is something I like doing ;v). And maybe a few days off the beer isnt a bad thing. Okay thats it for now.

ps – Dad has got my the new Keane album (hottly anticipated) so fingers crossed, if its anything like the last album I will need a new pair of underpants.


pps – Jody you dont like that picture of yourself ??, why not??, so cute


Here are some relevant pics –





~ by richardpmurfin on July 7, 2006.

4 Responses to “Friday”

  1. No no no! I meant a sausage stottie! :oD
    The Keane album is pretty good, needs a few listens before you can get into in properly. But you MUST get the Feeling’s album ’12 stops then home ‘ cause it is BRILLANT! Very summery, very jolly but also very chilled and heart warming in places. Buy it! You’ll love it! When have I ever been wrong? ;oD
    Chin up old chap

  2. I seem to recall many occasions of wrongness.  There\’s a message for you on my blog Tom.  Tsk, for not responding.

  3. GOD>>>>>>take that pic offf!!!!!!!!!!
    i hate that one….
    and i hardly can read this blog coz of the words are sooo tiny

  4. Hey guy, Can\’t read this page well,don\’t do that again!!!!

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