Hmm it feels kinda wierd

Jody has gone!. I feel down, indeed I am gonna go to bed early, school have shafted me good and proper over my hours and didnt tell me until I arrived in the afternoon. They are trying to tell me that my hours will change daily and i wont know whether they are cut for THAT DAY until i get there due to kids being off!!. Hopefully I can get my VISA sorted in the next two days (dont want to lose anymore time). Sorry if my blog has become a little two dimensional and repetitive but it is a diary of my thoughts and this is all I think about at the moment!. Gonna go to bed and listen to music!!.


Lene Marlin is keeping me sane at the moment!, or bringing me down??, can’t tell!.


Bye for now!!.


~ by richardpmurfin on July 3, 2006.

2 Responses to “Hmm it feels kinda wierd”

  1. It might be wise to intersperse (correct spelling? it\’s been a long hot day of supply teaching)) mournful music with silly stuff like Aqua or The Frog Chorus…  Or maybe just keep occupied with movies.  Also, get a Starbucks frappucino: THE BEST INVENTION (and the quantity of a small meal).

  2. Good idea , I am already in the midst of kindergarten graduation activities at the moment so silly songs are an integral part of my day!, "the farmer in the dell the farmer in the dell", and lets not forget the classic " teddy bear teddy bear turn around". At least Jim and sarah love me !!, or they say they do , but then again they also love cake

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