Had a much needed lie in. Didnt do much officially today , did however do A LOT of thinking (sounds heavy) . I have to mention it on my Blog eventually , Jody is going to OZ very soon. But i am not going to damage her dream and in fact I am going to be part of it. Around the New year I will be there also (in the midst of sorting visas) so we will be together. The first 6 months will be a nightmare (for me)  BUT I will let her do her drinking and surfing in Oz and let her enjoy her dream, and this will hopefully makes us stronger. Normally my Blog looks for cheerful responses and even mocking ones. But in this case I want positive ones my friends because I will be an a bit of a  mess for the next few months starting in July. I am also confronted with the fact that  I have to save £2200 and have a return fair flight booked before I get there. I WILL do it. Love pushes us , it drives us and makes us stronger!!
Wuuuur – I have an urge to listen to lots of Chris De Burgh love songs now.
The picture below shows Jodys true devotion to the England world cup squad :

~ by richardpmurfin on June 13, 2006.

4 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. Ahhhh…  I\’ll leave you nice comments.  And maybe the odd crap joke.  

  2. Yes we will be gentle with you Richard.

  3. WOOOW,How a lovely story you are and sure it will makes you and Jody to be stronger!!!!
    Rich, Cheers up and  don\’t give up!!!!!!  😉

  4. it will also be a hard time for me…I dont want to leave u ,either…
    IF i had met u before i made the decision, i would have decided to go to England for Masters….But like u said, it will SURLY make us stronger!!!!DISTANCE isnt an issue as long as both of want it, u know…..Please dont give up easliy….And u will get the visa and we will be together again….!!!I will never go off….xxx

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