World Cup starts on Friday . MORE importantly England play Paraguay on June the 10th (gareths birthday) yehaah all dayer ahoy!!. We have to find out when it starts (given the time delay it could be tricky) . And then after I work Saturday (grr) we will go out and get drunk and prepare for probably a crushing opening day defeat heh. COME ON !!.
  Ps – reminder to self to check my paycheck this month (the company I have worked for have stiffed me in the past !!. It was gonna be around 55,ooont but I think I am getting taxed around 4,ooo :v(  . Gareth has just got a job in which he gets paid 55,ooo in one week . BUT he dam well deserves it!!.

~ by richardpmurfin on June 5, 2006.

3 Responses to “Monday”

  1. I thought you said it would be fine, educational and witty?

  2. Are you going to be a football-bore now?

  3. Football and boring are two words that cannot be linked!!, I am excited now give me a week until we are out and i will be back to talking about coffee and whether Burger King is better than Subway.
     Witty !!, I can split thy sides with the merest hint of a gag.

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