Weekend Ends

Great weekend, had a few drinks on Friday but couldnt go over the top due to work the next day (grr) . Work wasnt worth it either no turn out at all. Saturday went to Shida and had pasta with Jody, Ivy and Amy. Today I had a Carnegies continental breakfast with Jody and bummed around for a few hours. I am now watching Paycheck with Gareth whilst drinking Barista coffee. I may kick his ass at Command and Conquer in  a moment!.
Hmm i feel my Blog entries are waning , before I could write a hundred lines on what kind of coffee I am drinking now I can squeeze four days into 4 lines.

~ by richardpmurfin on May 28, 2006.

3 Responses to “Weekend Ends”

  1. u should try EVERY can of coffee in taiwan and make a list  …blablabla….

  2. Haven\’t you seen Paycheck a milion times?

  3. Guilty as charged but its a great movie!

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