YEHAH – Friday and I have a few hours to go before it is time to chill , alas I have to back to work at 3.30 , and although I am a little tired now I know I will be knackered at 6.30 – BOOO. BUT never the less I  will embrace the weekend fully !!. For Dinner today I had – Rice, tofu and veggies at school, and then a 7-11 Coffee.
 I am listening to Peter Gabriel again (a live album ) and will attempt to put some of it on my mp3. I feel like an old fella nowadays but I need to have a half an hours kip in the afternoon in order to regain some energy ( i know terrible) . At this moment I am drinking Honey and Jasmine tea – mmm.
  Watched the Da Vinci code last night , it was pretty good , but didnt match up to the book indeed it was attempting to squeeze too many events into what was still a lengthy movie!!.
PS – I have now been going out with Jody for 6 months , six fantastic months I must add.

~ by richardpmurfin on May 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “FRIDAY / FRIDAY / FRIDAY / FRIDAY”

  1. okay maybe only five  , before you leave a comment Jody , but the thought is there!.

  2. yipeee…..Friday !!!And I got my student visa today which means my chek up report is fine…..
    Oh….okay….we have known each other for like six months….
    there\’s no arguments heh…!
    time flies!!

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