Going to watch Mission Impossible 3 in a mo!!. Was tempted to go out last night but refrained due to tiredness , Gareth wasnt able to show the same restraint however. I will find out later (around 6pm) what crazt shit he got up to !!. Gladiator is on TV ,God I cried like a baby at the pictures when his family were slain and even more when he dies at the end (amy can confirm) . WHY o WHY does he get taken as a slave though ??, he was just lying on the floor ??, if you lie on the floor in Roman times does that make you liable to be sold as slave (seems a little harsh) .
 Listened to Snow Patrol all morning and I had a good lie in . Did you know snow patrol used to be call Polar Bear.
For breakfast i had a bag of Fusion doritos a Banana and a  Sushi triangle.
You sold me queer Giraffes.

~ by richardpmurfin on May 13, 2006.

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