Pretty good day – Although very hot like 31 degrees or something. Art Exhibit was fun with the kids , I am convinced Banting likes me more than his own Father (wouldnt leave go of me the whole day) .
 For tea me, Jody and Gaz went to night market and i had some squid balls, little roll sandwich thing some noodles and a rice sausage ALL for 95NT eh eh eh oooh.
 In order to continue my health kick i have to purchase some fruit tommorow , other than that I am being pretty good about it all m and only one coffee a day !!. I also put aside some more cash.
 Now I am feeling a bit melancholy and listening to Michael Buble (good album) . Bye for now , I think I will be knacked tommorow (cant handle full days and hot weather) .
Ps – Thanks Anna for chatting and putting up with my endless whining and sobbing , you are the greatest pal in the world. x

~ by richardpmurfin on May 9, 2006.

One Response to “Tuesday”

  1. Softie.
    You\’re welcome though.  Any time.

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