About two years ago maybe three I found myself unable to concentrate and realised my vision had deteriated to a shambolic  point. I eventually after delaying getting glasses ( I was reluctant to look cack) got a pair but barely wear them (they make me feel nausious and wierd), even though are nice (thanks Anna) . Unfortunately for the last couple of years (it may be related) I have felt like a shell , and a poor version of myself , not as on the ball/coherent and just generally unable to fully concentrate, this has culminated into the climax of this awful feeling which was wednesday where I literally didnt know what was going on, I had this awful feeling combined with extreme tiredness too the point where i felt like I was either wasted or in a dream.
 I am attempting to work out what the problem is!, I am looking at my diet and exercise and lifestyle and most prominently my visual state. I am going to have to wear my glasses for a couple of days to see if i can get used to them and maybe find out if that is the problem, despite getting a kind of naseau you get when drinking too much caffeine and i run the risk of bumping into things as i cant fully judge things !! , normally my last excuse for wearing them is that I am not on the ball but to be fair that is the norm nowadays so what have I got to lose. The one advantage is that if i need more glasses or contacts then they are DIRT cheap here. I may not add to my blog for a while – simply getting through the day is hard enough at the moment. People are likely to make humorous comments on my blog about this !, but I assure you my life is VERY hard at the moment. Ironically my friend Erik is having the same feeling but he already wears glasses?, he even has problems with his ears also. I also think he has a stigma too (is that right) so we are heading down the same destructive path!!- aghh.
Bye for now – gonna watch some movies later on after 2.5 hours of torture. Oh and I have to work saturday too SHIT.

~ by richardpmurfin on April 28, 2006.

4 Responses to “Friday”

  1. I definitely think you have to wear your glasses all the time and then get some contacts when you\’re used to them.  (It\’s an astigmatism, by the way).  But it sounds more like you have a touch of vertigo or a virus, cuz of your ears and all that.  Vertigo makes you feel a bit weird like that.  Hopefully it\’ll pass very soon, pet.  Take care and get a kind girlfriend to look after you.
    PS Hpwever, I\’m not actually a doctor, unfortunately.

  2. Have to work on Saturday??? How come!!!! Yes,Shit! ;P

  3. Cheers Anna I will heed your advice!, in fact I have now been wearing them for 8 hours now , it feels wierd but i assume (hopefully ) when I am used to them then I will be more coherent!. Astigmatism thanks, They used to say when I was a kid " you have astigmastism" so i thought they meant you have A stigmatism. Cheers pet xxx

  4. i think you may have something called \’candida\’. check it out on the web. i\’ve got it and have it and have some of the symptoms that you\’ve described. you need to take \’bio acidopholus\’ to help kill it. it\’s basically an infection in your stomack/intestine caused by diet and is anti-biotics. you may not be on anti-biotics now, but at some time in your life you have been and this would have caused candida. some people are effected worse than others. some of the symptoms include blocked sinuses – this would explain your ear thing – and foggy brain/unable to think clearly. check it out on google and you\’ll find out all you need to know. hope this helps. i\’d also suggest a long stint off the booze. this probably isn\’t helping either!

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