Tired again

Shattered this morning , work went pretty quick luckily. I then proceeded to buy tooo much food and drink for dinner (lunch to Jody) . I am also convinced I was shafted by a dumpling salesman (ooh er misses) . 90nt for 8 dumplings , not good value. I am now still sitting her extremely tired and STILL full from two hours ago, drinking Green Tea. Listening to Stings greatest hits. Yesterday watched Anchorman The legend of Ron Bergundy, man its a funny film. As I havent done alot else I won’t add more at least until later.
  Its now 10.46 just watched ‘Girl Next Door’ , quite a good movie. I continued to be full for the rest of day in the end (wierd) . I am listening to Beth Orton and drinking more Grean Tea, its addictive I swear!!!. I had to buy a Fan at the night market earlier for those HOT nights , to be fair it was only 450 $ which is less than a tenner around £7.50 I reckon. Now I think that really is it for today – Ta-rah!!!.

~ by richardpmurfin on April 25, 2006.

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  1. Grean?

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