Saturday – Xindien (spelled wrong?)

WEEE i had a lie in today for the first time in ages!, it was partly alcohol fuelled (had 3 cans) but never the less I got up at 11.30 so in theory I am fully rested at least for a few hours heh.
 Me and Jody then went to Xindien which is the last stop on the green line in the MRT (MRT map is available in random pics ) . It was a HOT day but it was great , had some nice food strutted round and generally enjoyed the weather (the pics will come soon) . I am now back at the flat listening to Dancing in the dark by Bruce Springsteen and drinking Vitali (kindof energy drink that tastes like refreshers). I think we plan on going out for a friends birthday for a meal or something BUT we havent booked so may have to wait! grr. I also had a bag of prawn flavour Lays (walkers) .
 Thats it for now.

~ by richardpmurfin on April 22, 2006.

One Response to “Saturday – Xindien (spelled wrong?)”

  1. Spelling is not important! Nice out door good to you!

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