Friday – Yehah

Friday at last , I say that but the days seem to skip by at the moment . The morning was pretty good. PE today  "kids acts like a spider and crawl on the mat!, who wants to go first ?". After that i was confronted by more work ( I have to type up the kids story for their spelling competition next week) BUT i cannot copy up a book that isnt there dammit, so i will have to do it in lesson time which is impossible surely?!?!?.
  For dinner (lunch to Jody ) I had another one of the those fried bread things (gotta stop eating them) and some sandwiches from the bakery . I am convinced however the reason why the west is sooo fat compared to here is that we live on a diet of bread and potato whereas they eat rice , if i go down the western slippery bread filled road (sounds scary yes?) I will no doubt put weight on so i may have to curb my eating at least in regards to bread and crisps, sorry I am going on I am just thinking out loud.
  Watched around the bend last night (Christopher Walken) or at least the last hour of it but I was busy at the start so never really fully understood what was happening.
  SWAT is on cinemax now – not a bad movie but not as good as i thought it would be. I thought we were having a small party at the flat tonight but I am not sure now hmm.
  I am now drinking coffee and listening to chilled out tunes . I am never sure whether it is good to have a big break between lessons! , I finish toooo late .
Additional – Mr Browns coffee is  bloody fantastic stuff !. Its wierd Ice tea and coffee never took off in England ( i remember lipton ice tried) but here – its MASSIVE. Even coke takes back seat to Tea, which reminds me pepsi isnt sold at one of the convenience stores here so i boycott the store (bet they are quaking in their boots) . hm thats it for now.
Relevant pics follow :
* Mr Brown looks like Pavarotti in a white suit

~ by richardpmurfin on April 21, 2006.

3 Responses to “Friday – Yehah”

  1. Gosh, you lead such an amazing life, man.
    Tea is also massive here in the States.  They are obsessed with every type of flavour known to man.  Personally, I\’m not sold yet.

  2. We also have tea.

  3. I know u have bloody tea tom u PRAT , but the comment was stating (as anna clearly understood) that they are into ICE tea big style – i mean whole fridges full of it , not just a few measly bags on a shelf.

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