Wednesday – Tired

Man im tired , just had two poptarts and im forcing down an average cup of coffee. Watched 21 Grams last night it was a dark movie but not too bad spose , I am always vexed by movies that don’t run in chronological order , Gareth would never have got it at all. I then played Gareth (Live from Hong Kong airport) at Command and Conquer and was merrily kicking his falbby ass UNTIL we lost the connection – shit.
  Later after work I will meet Erik in Dantes coffee (we go there because its cheap godammit ;O)  ) . I may or may not have to drop a few friends off by the pool in a mo , sorry to start talking about my Bowels but it has come to my attention that i dont talkabou them enough on my blog (at least no where near as much as real life heh) . But if you are interested you can check out my ass on – In and around Taipei (pic file) . I think maybe Arsenal are playing Villareal tonight on TV in the Brass Monkey or is it Thursday ?, Erik reckons at 7.30 but that cannot be – when i was in UK that was when Euro matches started ??, it makes little sense, oh well i will look into it. I am now off to cram next to lots of chinese ppl on the MRT while probably listening to the killers/Sneaker Pimps on my mp3 (my mps player with a dodgy speaker) , jeez i have just seen a cockroach on my floor, apparently they like CLEAN environments so im not sure why it is my flat??.
 Bye for now – I am may add some more later.
  Back home at 1.50 pm ,  just had a coffee and some cheesy chip combo deal at Dantes coffee shop with Erik and discussed how useless we both are, the coffee there is average i suppose but i cant always afford Barista. AC Milan is on in the brass Monkey I have since found out BUT i don’t think I will go seeing as I would have to go there straight from work and no doubt wouldnt get home till like 11.30 (and most probably drunk also) . I was sorely tempted to buy a double choc cornetto (not official cornettos they dont have them here) but they were sold out at 7-11 , could have easily walked 100 yards to tne next 7-11 (i kid you not – its that close) but it 31 degrees and my legs are sticking to my jeans. Instead i bought some Ice Tea and a can of Pepsi which incidentally is 355 ml’s here not 330 ml’s wierd?, and only 18 dollars.
 Got to go back to work later but as for now I will relax in my flat. I am also going to check my email (don’t know why but I dont get any emails any more) :o(  .

~ by richardpmurfin on April 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “Wednesday – Tired”

  1. GOD…."I am may add some more later"?????
    your grammar is worse than mine baby!…..
    COCKROACH….um i\’m not surprised anyway……..

  2. I know babe but its coz i work so dam hard – my mind works a mile a minute :O)  . Cockraoches are attracted to clean environments….apparently – eh eh eh eh !

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