Going on a school trip in a little bit should be fun – I will keep you informed , is it bad to eat poptarts every day ??.

  Got back home around 1pm , its a funny day really!, the trip was okay we just looked at dead butterflies, " teacher teacher so big , teacher so scary , teacher THIS one is is uuuurrrrr!!! (not sure what that means) and a whole range of speedy Chinese comments which i cannot comprehend!. Also Jason wanted to throw me off the stairs but he is toooo small!. Oh and I made a fool of myself in front of 20 giggling teenage girls at the high school.

  For dinner (lunch to Jody ) I had two sesame bun things and some stuff from Sun Merry Bakery – Maybe the only bakery in Taiwan that doesnt stuff every product they have with pork floss or indeed mix sweet with savoury (why why ) .  Now listening to ambient music drinking ice tea doing a bit of thinking. Gareth has just departed to HK and has sent me a text about how some old guy gave him a class meditation CD on the journey there !!. Hmm its all terribly quiet in this flat all of a sudden . Actually i will be alone till friday now :O(  . I may visit the toilet in a couple of minutes i think Mr and Mr Brown are eager to get to their beach resort.

  I am now going to have some coffee and chill out (just for a change) . Oh yes I got my first 200nt note today (they are quite rare) .




~ by richardpmurfin on April 18, 2006.

3 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. The new Dr Who is FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!!! Tennant is a really good Dr!
    Do you like \’Stoned in love\’? i thought it was a bit of a disapointment, they have been away for ages as you said, so i would have thought they\’d come back with something a bit more groundbreaking. But hey, thats just me.
    You and your poo. Somethings never change ;oD

  2. Murf, you wouldn\’t be Murf without poo.  Good skills old man.
    Teacher, teacher, you smell of poo.
    Miss you, of course.
    The rat catcher is coming with peanut butter shortly.

  3. I havent really heard more than 30 seconds of the new song – Hope its good. I talk about poo all the time Anna – You just dont get chance to hear my witty poo related quips thats all heh!. Right thats enough writing on my own blog – tis a little sad.

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