Sunday and I am attempting new levels of doing nothingness heh!!. Sitting around drinking various types of tea (peach, oolong, green etc) , listening to St Germain and watching a dvd of some pictures Jody has taken (cool) and using my new oil burner . Didnt go out last night but had a few cans of Heineken in the house , something very sureal happened tho , I was chilling talking to Gareth around 3am and he went to the bathroom , I proceeded to nod off for a second and when when he came back I asked him the time and he was like "its 7am ". In fact he had been to Carnegies and Vibe even though it seemed like only a second had past!! Taiwan man – it plays tricks!!.
  As for today , hmm i will chill out with Erik and Jody I reckon , maybe drink coffee and eat food , sounds like a plan and a half :O)  .
 Oh and i watched trainspotting twice in one day and went to the tavern for a slightly dissappointing meal (too small) .
Here are some relevant pics for the last comment –

~ by richardpmurfin on April 16, 2006.

2 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. I think they\’re playing mind games with you Murf! Though i always like your relevant pics ;oD
    I didn\’t know Tim Booth from James had become an actor! he was in this BBC moden day Easter play thing as Judas. And he was in Barman Begins.
    "oh sit down, oh sit down, oh sit down, sit down next to me…" Classic

  2. You fucking lazy bastard.  Leave me a message or email me.  Otherwise I will cut off the 25 pence monthly payment to your bank account.

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