Tuesday : 2 Part entry

Its Tuesday and I have like 2 minutes before I go to work , this is the time when i decide to write a little message now and then follow it up later (pretty clever eh eh ) , except all i have done in this time is explain that i am gonna use this time for – hmmm.
I didnt have any breakfast I simply feel to wierd at the moment for food , I didnt really eat much tea last niight either. I wish i had an Mp3 player that worked for the journey to work and back – booh hoo.
More updates – We are planning IF the weather holds to go to Yunming mountain (not sure if that is right spelling , all I know is when a Chinese person says it it sounds like Yummy mountain, Me and Jody Peggy and Gareth that is , after all you know I have always been fascinated by Lilleys ;O) . Okay got to go now its 8.20am.

To continue the description of the day (in green now) , after a hectic day (well morning) at work in which I sweated my ass off in SYS Memorial on a school trip I strolled home in the adundant heat and had my second shower of the day , I then messed around on the computer had a little kip had another shower and Jody came round. We all bought food from the nightmarket (not much ) and became incredibly stuffed by it (it must be the heat) . I am now about kick gareths ass on Command and Conquer – still a quality game 10 years on. I may have mentioned that I was gonna buy an mp3 player the other day. I still am planning to buy one (they are only 2000nt sweet , I actually have one but its dodgy , so I will just use my old one in my bedroom instead. I will now have a chat with Jody via MSN kick gareths ass while listening to Nina Simone and then have my fourth shower of the day!!.

Au revoir


~ by richardpmurfin on April 11, 2006.

One Response to “Tuesday : 2 Part entry”

  1. sounds like your having far too many showers mate. your hair will fall out at this rate!
    shame you missed the grand national. only two horses got killed this year. so not much to see really.

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