Monday – Hectic morning , essentially I am expected to juggle 3 classes at the same time at the moment!. And I am told to squeeze in three subjects in in one of the classes (which I only see for half an hour grr) .
  It was a hectic morning BUT the aftrenoon has been cancelled now heh! so i suppose I am left with my thoughts again not neccessarily a good thing at the moment. Right i am off to ponder deeply for hours on end over my life heh.
Dietary notes – I ate crap again – Crisps/Noodles and a sandwich !, oh well who cares !!?!?

~ by richardpmurfin on April 10, 2006.

5 Responses to “MONDAY”

  1. i care!

  2. I also care. dwelling on thoughts is bad Murf.

  3. Im really touched thanks you two     :O) 

  4. I think you should spend some hours staring out over a lake at sunset just to show how deeply you are pondering things.  Thats what they would do in Smallville

  5. Ditto Dawsons creek !

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